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Need an enterprise asset management solution t0 take your supply chain digital transformation to the next level?


Orchestrado is the answer...

“Orchestrado drives supply chain digital transformation by providing a comprehensive enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that fully integrates with your entire application portfolio."

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Our Solution

Why Orchestrado? 

Why does Orchestrado stand out in a crowded enterprise asset management (EAM) market? It's due to its unique origins. Unlike other EAM solutions, Orchestrado began as a data and application integration platform. From its start Orchestrado has been focused on the overall operational environment, the big picture. It was designed to be scalable, simple to deploy and use while fully integrating with your back office and supply chain systems. Today Orchestrado offers a flexible and comprehensive EAM solution that drives business transformation. In addition to data and application integration, it offers several other built-in digital capabilities including Internet of Things (IoT), process automation, cyber-security suite, and single point system administration.


So whether it's managing static warehouse assets or mobile assets being shipped across rail, air, land or sea, Orchestrado is there to meet the operational need. 

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Quick Overview

Flexible / Integration / Secure

  • Full RFID, GPS and barcode tracking suite

  • Supports heavy industries, manufacturing or logistics

  • Supports marine, land, rail and air transport

  • Automated asset tracking and management 

  • Quickly configured, deployed and scaled

  • Flexible and adaptable user interface 

  • Full IoT / OT functionality

  • Integrates with any information system

  • Provides a single view of supply chain systems

  • Web based, on-premise or hybrid installation

  • Standalone or integrated security services

  • Analytics and reporting extends out to customer

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Our Team

Leading Digital Transformation in Enterprise Asset Management

Orchestrado's award winning team has its foundation going back over 15 years. Our team members are technology veterans, committed to providing smart solutions for any size organization with asset management needs. Our combined technology and business experience spans across multiple industries including consumer products, energy, insurance, healthcare and waste management. This experience is what enabled the team to develop an  EAM solution from the enterprise's view not just supply chain. In turn Orchestrado is a platform that not only provides cutting edge digital solutions for your physical asset management needs but one that can easily be integrated with any industry software. At Orchestrado we pride ourselves in providing cost effective and scalable solutions for companies of all sizes. Our understanding and technological edge can lead companies towards a successful future. Contact us today to set up a meeting with one of our sales representatives.


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Ben Cabrera

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Ben is a performance driven executive with a 30-year track record of driving change in organizations, business systems and operations. He’s held multiple business and technology global leadership roles in aerospace, pharmaceutical, energy, and waste management. Before co-founding Orchestrado, Ben was CIO at a $2B Energy from Waste firm where he successfully led the digital modernization including deploying asset tracking systems for three new businesses. 


Greg Johnson


Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Greg is a dynamic executive with over 30 years experience in finance, operations and technology in heavy industries. He’s held multiple business and technology leadership roles in energy and waste management. Before co-founding Orchestrado, Greg managed the IT supply chain team supporting 2000 plus colleagues at a $2B Energy from Waste firm. Greg has extensive experience deploying global  digital supply chain solutions.  

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

Mahatma Gandhi

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Upcoming Events

  • Introduction to Orchestrado Supply Chain
    Introduction to Orchestrado Supply Chain
    Wed, Aug 18
    Aug 18, 2021, 10:00 AM – 1:05 PM
    Aug 18, 2021, 10:00 AM – 1:05 PM
    Gain insight into Orchestrado's enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that integrates with your entire enterprise taking digital transformation to a whole new level.
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